The Educational Storytelling Board game

The Pitch-A-Story theatrical teaching game comes complete with unique shaped game board, spinner, theme cards, playing pieces and instructions, all contained in a sturdy box.

It's an educational game that's creative fun. An acting boardgame puts you and your teammates at center stage while improving public speaking and performance ability.

This fun story game lets you put together theatrical story elements taken from the game cards; a Character, a Challenge, a Friend or Foe, a Prop and a Setting to create and act out a short, one to two minute storytelling presentation.

Your creative team members review your "pitch" and award you storytelling points in the form of one to five "stars," just as newspaper reviewers rate movies, TV shows, and live theatrical performances.

Educational and Creative learning while acting and having fun.

A pitch is integral to the entertainment world and an increasingly important skill
used in teaching communication. It's where all creative showbiz stories begin.

Writers, producers and directors pitch their creative story to Hollywood film studios, TV networks, Broadway theaters, and book publishers. A pitch is what you use to make your point: It's a great story, told well.

A Tool for Teaching Acting Improv Skills

Acting students learn creative skills while playing Pitch-A-Story, while teaching professionals espouse the importance of fun and creative influence while learning.

Actors benefit from the unique improvisation nature of this game. this acting game  develops think-on-your-feet skills important for those becoming acting professionals or debaters, while bettering their explorative themes and skill development.

While it's Teachers who most often comment on the creativity, fun and learning that students benefit while playing this fun acting game, those in the entertainment field are surprised how creative and theatrical impromptu speaking ability is improved.

Real educational world guidance ensures that PITCH-A-STORY! is a powerful and fun tool for enhancing reading, writing, creative and presentation skills, particularly for students from the 4th through 8th grades, high school and higher education.

What's in the Game Box

Quick Start Directions, Playing Board, 5 decks of Cards: Characters, Challenges, Settings, Friends or Foes, and Props, Spinner, 6 Playing Pieces, 1-Minute Timer, Tip Sheet for Reviewing Stories, Scoring Pad, The educational Story Invention Guide: Tools for Enhancing Literacy, Learning and Creativity for Teachers, Home Schooling Parents and Youth Leaders (appropriate for 4th to 8th grades, secondary and higher education).