The Game

PITCH-A-STORY! is the fun game that puts you and your teammates on stage.

You can pretend that you're Tommy Tool, spaceship repairer, stuck over a vat of gurgling slime. Maybe you've got a suit of invisible clothes, and nobody can see you! Or you're a billionaire and you don't know the combination to your safe. Imagine the possibilities!

PITCH-A-STORY! lets you put together story elements taken from the game cards - Characters, Challenges, Friends or Foes, Props and Settings - to create and act out a short, one to two minute story.

Competing players/teams review your "pitch" and award you points in the form of one to five "stars," just as newspaper reviewers rate movies, TV shows, and live theater.

Object of the Game

The goal of PITCH-A-STORY! is to create and act out the best stories, have loads of laughs! You do that by earning as many credit and review points as your team's story pitches are worth. The team with the most credits and reviews wins! As they say in showbiz, break a leg!

Oh, educators endorse PITCH-A-STORY! because it supports the development of reading, writing, language and presentation skills. But we think they like it because it makes learning exciting and fun. But don't tell them that.

What's in the game box.

Quick Start Directions, Playing Board, 5 decks of Cards: Characters, Challenges, Settings, Friends or Foes, and Props, Spinner, 6 Playing Pieces, 1-Minute Timer, Tip Sheet for Reviewing Stories, Scoring Pad, The Story Invention Guide: Tools for Enhancing Literacy, Learning and Creativity for Teachers, Home Schooling Parents and Youth Leaders (appropriate for 4th to 8th grades, secondary and higher education).