Genres for Advanced Play (from outer ring of the spinner)

Comedy Exaggerations about a character's shortcomings, something the character does,
or the situation they're in. Often makes fun of life's little frustrations.

Tragedy The character's undoing is usually the result of a mistake, character flaw, or bad choice that often blinds the character's judgment.

Sci-Fi Deals with the future and advanced technology or science that has backfired or been misused for evil purposes.

Fantasy Usually involves magical creatures and plots about other worlds.

Action Events unfold at breakneck speed.

Mystery Something is stolen or someone is missing, lost, killed, or kidnapped. Any one of many suspects could have had the motivation to do the crime.

Adventure—Heroes who are risk takers and frequently on a journey to solve a mystery or problem, often in conflict with nature and another character who is seeking the same thing.

Romance—A love story.

Western—Simple stories about people who live with the clothes on their backs, whose gun does most of the talking, and whose best friend is usually their horse.

Fairytale—Almost always magical with special beginnings, like “once upon a time” and happy endings.

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