Homeschooling that's fun and creative!

PITCH-A-STORY! encourages learners to create and tell stories, giving them the cognitive framework for drawing increased meaning from both oral presentations and written text.

Research shows that storytelling plays a significant role in helping them become better readers, writers, listeners and speakers of the English language. The literacy standards often cited by educators and tested by many states as criteria for graduation. Playing PITCH-A-STORY! becomes time-on-task for achieving State Standards in a fun, creative way! Plus, it's a terrific after school activity.

In addition, the game comes with a 16-page "Story Invention Guide" that is a lesson plan for at least 6 hours of instruction. Students will learn how to develop their listening, literacy, and creativity skills. The guide also links the game to an array of reading and writing activities.

When the game is played in teams, PITCH-A-STORY! also teaches students collaborative skills and engages them like nothing else you have tried. As one teacher put it after introducing the game to his class: "Ordinarily, if a game doesn't have a bell, a whistle, or an electric cord coming out of it, kids don't know what to do with it. They never once asked me: Where do you plug it in?"