Learning Resources

Educators have been part of the PITCH-A-STORY! team throughout the game's development. Over a three year development schedule, we have been guided by hundreds of students, teachers and parents in numerous classroom and home-learning settings.

This real educational world guidance ensures that PITCH-A-STORY! is a powerful and fun tool for enhancing reading, writing, creative and presentation skills, particularly for students from the 4th through 8th grades, high school and higher education.

Included with the game is the The Story Invention Guide: Tools for Enhancing Literacy, Learning and Creativity for Teachers, Home Schooling Parents and Youth Leaders."

This guide describes a number of learning exercises, which are available by free download by clicking on STORY INVENTION GUIDE.

SAMPLE SCRIPTS provides examples of three different types of scripts, for movies, TV, and stage plays. Each type of script follows a different format.

STORYTELLING TIPS provides information to help you create and act out better stories.

RESOURCES provides a bibliography and links to resources where you can learn more about story creation, telling, and performance.

The storytelling community is growing, and we're sure that you would like to share your ideas with them and with us. Please do so by clicking on SHARE YOUR IDEAS.

And one of the best parts of storytelling is to get your stories in front of an audience. SCHOOL CONTEST has some tips on how to organize a storytelling event at your school and in your community.