Sample Scripts


The PITCH-A-STORY! game is built around a Hollywood star, which features 10 "Pitch Places" where somebody pursuing a typical show business or storytelling career might pitch, write, produce, direct, or perform stories.

These 10 "Pitch Places" are the "Garage Theater" where young people might put on a play for their neighborhood friends; "Claptrap College" representing schooling in the liberal and creative arts, "Shoestring Films" reflecting the type of low budget production many students and beginners in the creative arts get involved in, and the "Cornbread StoryFest" a storytelling festival where aspiring and professional storytellers go to learn more and to perform their stories.

Other "Pitch Places" are the "Rigamorole Theater" a typical community theater where many professionals get their start; "Gadzooks Cartoons" the animated side of storytelling which usually involves comedy, drama and science fiction; and "Bamboozler Books" where writers hope for a bestseller.

There's also the "Big Bug Network" featuring national television programs which offers thousands of opportunities to writers, actors, producers, directors and other story creators; "Broadway Matinee" where the best work of story creators and performers is seen; and "Lost Century Movies" when storytellers make it on Hollywood's big screen.

For storytellers who choose to pursue some of these career opportunities represented by these "Pitch Places" specific script formats are required. We provide three samples;