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How To Tell a Great Story Amazing Storytelling Resource Shows You How Easily You Can Keep Your Friends, Colleagues, and Business Associates On The Edge of Their Seats Every Time You Open Your Mouth!

International Storytelling Center Inspired by an international renaissance of storytelling, people around the world are turning to the ancient tradition of storytelling to produce positive change in our world. The International Storytelling Center to further infuse storytelling into the mainstream of our society is building on our 30-year history to promote the power of storytelling and its creative applications to build a better world.

National Storytelling Festival The International Storytelling Center celebrates the power of storytelling each year in October by showcasing the world's stories, storytellers, and storytelling traditions at the highly acclaimed National Storytelling Festival, the world's premier storytelling event.

National Storytelling Network NSN is a member driven organization, with a Board of Directors elected by members from six regions across America. It offers direct services, publications and educational opportunities to several thousand individuals, local storytelling guilds and associations. These services are designed to improve the quality of storytelling at all levels - in entertainment venues, in classrooms and libraries, and wherever storytelling can make a contribution to quality of life. To facilitate that process, NSN sponsors the National Storytelling Conference in cooperation with local or regional members at a different location each year. The Conference provides educational workshops, demonstration programs and the National Storytelling Awards ceremony that recognizes storytelling excellence, leadership and service across the country.

Tim Sheppard's Storytelling Resources for Storytellers Comprehensive collections, for storytellers, of articles, links, and information on the oral tradition and the art of storytelling.