Understanding the Pitch

A "pitch" is central to the entertainment world. It's where all showbiz stories begin. Writers, producers and directors "pitch" their story ideas as punchy, pithy presentations to Hollywood film studios, TV networks, Broadway theaters, and book publishers.

But a "pitch" is also essential to success in school and business, when you want to win people over with your idea or make a persuasive argument. A "pitch" is what you use to make your point.

The board game PITCH-A-STORY! follows a path around a show business star, which depicts a fast rising career from a beginning storyteller to Hollywood mogul.

The first "pitch place" is the "Garage Theater," where children perform their earliest imaginings for friends in the neighborhood. We study storytelling at "Claptrap College," scrape together meager resources for "Shoestring Films," mix with beginners and seasoned professionals alike at the "Cornbread StoryFest," and put our talents on stage for a debut performance at the "Rigmarole Theater."

New opportunities arise when we add animation and funny voices to create "Gadzooks Cartoons," try for a bestseller at "Bamboozler Books," and go for a primetime hit at the "Big Bug Network."

Many show business careers take people to New York and a "Broadway Matinee" and to Hollywood for a blockbuster hit at "Lost Century Movies."

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it all comes down to the quality of your pitch if you're going to break through and get that big show biz break.

So, keep pitching your stories, and we'll see your name in bright lights in Hollywood!